Queens Masonry ContractorChoosing the right masonry contractor for fixing your exteriors and interiors is the most important as well as a difficult task. You will definitely agree that these works are not for an amateur. There are a number of contractors who would assure you about their great result at the end, but actually, end up into a fiasco. To avoid such a terrible outcome, you need to hire professional and experienced masonry contractors in Queens.

Brick pointing NYC deals with all kinds of masonry concrete works such as parapet wall construction, stucco construction, walls rebuilding, brick cleaning etc. We are licensed contractors and pavers in Queens including the whole NY area.

Facade Repair in Queens

Long term exposure to severe weather conditions and many other factors can lead to deterioration of facades. That’s why facades of every building proper repair and maintenance regularly to ensure safety and proper functioning. We, at brick pointing NYC work according to the need of your structure by helping you with the types of the restoration process that can range from simple replacements to extensive renovations.

Walls Rebuilding

Repairing and restoration of your walls need professional masonry contractors to deal with small cracks, complete tear down and full restoration. We also help you to deal with brick wall repair, restore parapet wall crevices and fissures. Parapet walls rebuilding is one of our areas of expertise. Quality services at most competitive rates is our main goal.


One of the most common plasters for defining your exteriors beautifully. Stucco made with lime and sand is popular for its strong and durable nature. But stucco structures are vulnerable to moisture and can eventually lead to damage if the surface is not properly applied by professional contractors. For intensive installation procedure and repair methods, you can come to us for stucco services in Queens.

Brick Pointing

Brickwork has been a standard choice for many homeowners for years. There are many advantages of brick that they most sought after and sustainable building materials. You can protect your brick walls from cracking and premature deterioration with little maintenance and restoration. Our experts will minutely analyze the condition of your brick wall to ensure quality brick pointing and grinding service so that your walls can withstand any test of time. We also deal with outdoor steps repair services.

Window Lintel

A lintel failure can severely affect your property. Structural movement and moisture are the common causes that lead to a lintel failure. If you see a crack or constant leak from the top or bottom of your window then it’s time to go for some repair. ¬†With our experienced workers, you can easily make such repairs to make your property a long-lasting one.

Why Choose Brick Pointing NYC?

  1. A name you can rely on for our cost-effective and quality services providing all kinds of masonry construction.
  2. Professional competence and craftsmanship is our specialty.
  3. We give attention to our customers and provide them with detailed suggestions after complete analysis to avoid any sort of confusion before and after our work period.

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