Importance of Safety Measures at Construction Site

At Brick Pointing NYC it is the utmost requirement that every worker in the construction site knows about the adequate safety measures and takes necessary precautions in case any risk involved incidents take place. During the construction hours, every single person associated with our projects is exposed to the high-risk environment for which our General Contractors NY have set some safety guidelines.

Our comprehensive job site safety programs ensures the protection of health and safety of our staff. We strictly adhere to the health and safety measures policy to provide a safe work environment for the workers and here are some of the highlights of the preventative construction site safety measures that we have implemented for our workers.

Effective Safety Measures Adopted by Brick Pointing NYC

  • Provide fall protection– There is always a risk of falls from roofs in the construction site and as per the fact that it is one of the leading causes of workers’ death during construction. So, we provide our workers a better fall protection systems which determine the better safety equipment such as safety nets, personal fall arrest systems, and guard rails. We always make sure that fall arrest systems should be properly inspected before the use that they are working properly and are free of damage. So, our workers familiarize themselves with all the potential fall hazards on a job site before undergoing the construction.
  • Protective wears are used while scaffolding- As per the estimated reports, 65% of workers perform work on scaffolds owing to which chances of falls, falling object hazards, and electrocutions are numerous. So, while doing Brick pointing and tuckpointing our masonry contractor kensington NY make sure that our every worker should wear hard hats while working on or around scaffold and should also wear non-skid, sturdy boots and use lanyards to prevent slips and falls. We keep a complete check that our workers don’t work on the construction site where scaffolding work is covered with ice, water or mud.
  • We provide proper site security- With the help of experienced masonry contractor Bronx NY, our site access is restricted to some limited individuals apart from the workers working on the particular project to simply protect the equipment from the damage or theft. Our security is integral to protect pedestrians from extreme construction hazards. We believe in strict security and safety protocols that protect our contractors from unnecessary liabilities in case of any security breach or safety incident.
  • Put emphasis on eye and face protection- We know that while doing masonry, power washing, stucco services queens ny or brick pointing, dust, splashing chemicals, grit, welding and tiny pieces of flying metals can damage the eyes. So, in order to provide face and eye protection. We ensure that all our workers during the course of employment should wear lenses that work as a precaution and provide safety to the eyes. This safety eye-wears fit over their glasses and protects the eyes.
  • Proper training to prevent damages- We are well aware of the fact that construction work leads to unnecessary damages either in wounds or severe injuries at times. According to reports, 40% accounts for deaths because of falls that are the leading cause of fatalities in construction. So, we have made each of our workers aware of the hazards of falling and let them know the procedures to minimize such hazards and prevent falls.
  • We are compliant to chemical storage- In order to prevent our workers from chemical damages. We store all the chemicals carefully to minimize the risk of explosions, fires, chemical injuries, and pollution on worksites. Our commercial contractor Brooklyn NY provides the high-quality compliant storage solution to reduce spillage and maintain a healthy and protective environment for the workers.