A Complete Guide to Brick Power Washing

The maintenance of any masonry construction is important to retain the durability of the structure as well as preserve its visual appeal. Over time, the exterior of a building that includes the walls, patio, premise boundary, driveway, etc. loses the original sheen due to continuous exposure to natural elements. These elements range from rainfall, snowfall, dewdrops, dust, storm, bird droppings, molds, and algae.

Thus, it is unavoidable to protect the building and its premise from such factors but a proper cleaning at regular intervals can ensure proper sustenance of the structure. The most accepted method to get rid of salt spots, dust, grime, algae, and molds from the masonry structure is pressure washing, or even termed power washing.

Power Washing Contractors Queens, NY, expertise in pressure brick washing with the aid of a team of accomplished professionals that possess apposite knowledge about the correct methods to employ the technique. Though the process may sound hassle-free, it demands comprehensive understanding.

Why Do You Require Brick Power Washing?

Before understanding the power washing technique, it is more consequential to comprehend the need for the same. It will persuade you to have an enhanced perception of the process and its implementation.

So, stated below are the elementary factors that entail brick pressure washing to be so influential:

  • The natural elements cause intimidating damage to the brick or concrete walls that are consistently exposed to such conditions.
  • The accumulation of dust, sand, grime, water, snow, and bird droppings leads to salt spots, growth of molds and algae which is visually unpleasant.
  • Leaving the damage for a prolonged period weakens the foundation of the building. It is because bricks are porous. Once left untreated, the scarring spreads into the deeper layers affecting the construction integrity.
  • Material erosion is another overriding factor. The sand, dust, and water particles are corrosive when allowed to amass over a long period.
  • Finally, the stains get difficult to remove, the longer they are left to rest.

Thereafter, brick power washing company Brooklyn offers a complete solution to eliminate the exterior damages caused on the masonry construction with the application of kosher power washing techniques and ideal guidelines.

What Are The Safety Protocols To Be Observed?

As mentioned above, some fundamental guidelines must be followed to refrain from any damage caused to the building or its surrounding. These include:

  • Regulation of the pressure is extensively significant since it monitors that you don’t blast the brick as it will lead to scarring.
  • The use of excessive pressure even leads to discoloration of the bricks from red to orange.
  • It is considered that 500-1000 PSI is sufficient to power wash a brick structure and it must never exceed above 1500 PSI.
  • Brick structures have a compacting strength of 850 PSI while concrete block structures have a compacting strength of 1800 PSI. Thus, the pressure for power wash will vary largely between the two.
  • The type of bricks also plays an important role. Every quality of brick has different compressive strength.
  • The chemical solution used to power wash has also to be considered that must not be too harsh.

The power washing contractor Bronx, NY uses specialized tools and adheres to maximum precautions to avoid any sort of damage. It is not a DIY job and requires dexterous experts for execution.