How to Keep Your Brickwork Looking Good As New

We are seeing lesser and lesser houses today with brick exteriors. The reason for this is that similar looking flats and highrises are becoming more popular. But a brickwork exterior of a house gives it a very charming and attractive look. Because standalone houses are becoming less and less common, the prevalence of brick exteriors is also reducing. But if you are able to take care of the maintenance well, then there is no sight prettier than a brickwork exterior. Continue reading “How to Keep Your Brickwork Looking Good As New”

Types of Designs Adopted By Brick Pointing Contractors in Queens NY

The exposed brickwork on the external walls of any building looks very good. But it also requires a lot of maintenance. If the brickwork becomes aged, then the dried mortar in the joints between bricks can begin to peel off, spoiling the looks and also reducing the structural strength. In order to restore the brickwork to its original shape and form, one of the most popular steps that are taken is brick pointing NY. Continue reading “Types of Designs Adopted By Brick Pointing Contractors in Queens NY”

Different Types Of Pointing Used Today

Pointing is carried out in many common shapes and we have mentioned a few types of brick pointing NY below in detail. Let’s take a look at them.

• Flushing Pointing

Formed by pressing mortar in raked joints or by finishing off flush with the edge of masonry units. In addition to this, the edges are trimmed but it does not provide a good look. But, the pointing is more durable as it does not give any space for the accumulation of water, dust, etc. And flush Pointing is widely used due to this reason. Continue reading “Different Types Of Pointing Used Today”

Brick Pointing Brooklyn NY: Why It Is Required

Brick pointing is considered the most effective way of restoring the physical look and condition of your home or building structure and forms a key part of the ongoing and overall building maintenance. If water is permitted to enter and penetrate your brickwork, then it will cause huge damage and will result in your building structure losing value.  So, maintaining the brickwork of your home or building, brick repairs is an absolute must. This is especially required for old houses exposed to external elements such as water. Brick pointing in Queens NY is a very common thing in New York. Continue reading “Brick Pointing Brooklyn NY: Why It Is Required”