Some Aspects of Brickpointing

Many structures use a plaster over the brickwork to give a uniform and smooth look. But that hasn’t taken away from the sheer beauty of brick structures in walls and pillars, where the bricks are visible to the naked eye. The red (with white borders or joints) brickwork has a charm all of its own. But when buildings with exposed brickwork become quite old, the joints in these brick surfaces have to be repaired and refurbished. This masonry restoration New York is usually called brickpointing, and there is another name tuckpointing, with which it is often confused.

The name brickpointing refers to the process by which a masonry contractor Brooklyn takes out the chipped, broken or weakened mortar from the joints between bricks and replaces it with fresh mortar. The dried mortar in the joints after brickpointing usually has a whitish appearance, or it is painted white color. One alternative way of doing is to use mortar of two colors in each joint. One of the two colors is often brick red so that it matches the color of the brick. The second color could be white or any other. This is referred to as tuckpointing.

How do masonry contractors Queens NY make out that brickpointing is needed? They take that decision when they see any of the following four signs –

  • Mortar in the joints between bricks begins to crumble.
  • The mortar is intact but there are thick cracks seen in the mortar.
  • A gap has been formed between the mortar and bricks.
  • The mortar has crumbled or eroded up to 6 millimeters.

An experienced brick pointing company NY can easily make out if the issue is actually of the mortar needing brickpointing or if the crumbling of the mortar is due to some other structural issue. That apart, a good agency would also have a good grasp of local building laws. This is especially true of the NYC and surrounding areas, because the choking overpopulation has made the regulatory authorities very strict about even small transgressions of the law. The agency you hire for brickpointing or for other construction jobs must be certified and licensed to do those jobs in and around New York City. The right choice of contractor will enable you to get a perfect repair and rehabilitation job done for your house conveniently. Brick Pointing NYC is one such reputable contractor of New York.