How to Keep Your Brickwork Looking Good As New

We are seeing lesser and lesser houses today with brick exteriors. The reason for this is that similar looking flats and highrises are becoming more popular. But a brickwork exterior of a house gives it a very charming and attractive look. Because standalone houses are becoming less and less common, the prevalence of brick exteriors is also reducing. But if you are able to take care of the maintenance well, then there is no sight prettier than a brickwork exterior. Continue reading “How to Keep Your Brickwork Looking Good As New”

Types of Pressure Washing NYC

Instead of taking down an old building completely, many clients opt for masonry restoration New York. Two easy methods adopted by masonry contractors Queens NY to restore the looks of buildings are brick pointing Brooklyn NY and pressure washing NYC. In brick pointing, the old and cracked mortar in the joints of exposed brickwork are taken out and are replaced by freshly mixed concrete. Continue reading “Types of Pressure Washing NYC”

How to Best Do Brownstone Restoration Brooklyn NY

Good masonry contractors use a number of processes to restore an old building to its earlier looks, like brick pointing NY for buildings which have exposed brickwork exteriors, or pressure washing NYC for buildings whose exteriors have become dirty and faded. But one of the most popular ways of masonry restoration New York is a complete overhaul of the façade with the help of brownstone restoration Brooklyn NY. Brick pointing Brooklyn NY could be one of the aspects of this process, but there are many other steps involved.Let us look at the basic steps involved in brownstone restoration. Continue reading “How to Best Do Brownstone Restoration Brooklyn NY”