Types of Pressure Washing NYC

Instead of taking down an old building completely, many clients opt for masonry restoration New York. Two easy methods adopted by masonry contractors Queens NY to restore the looks of buildings are brick pointing Brooklyn NY and pressure washing NYC. In brick pointing, the old and cracked mortar in the joints of exposed brickwork are taken out and are replaced by freshly mixed concrete. Pressure washing involves spraying open surfaces or partially concealed crevices with a high-pressure stream of water to remove broken debris, old paint, dirt, or grime. Any good masonry contractor Brooklyn would surely carry out pressure washing before doing any restoration, or even if he or she is not planning on restoration. Let us look at pressure washing in a bit more detail.

There are three major parts of a pressure washing contraption. The first is an electrically powered motor, which is attached through a high-pressure hose through which the water flows, and finally, a nozzle which helps in constructing the water flow and enabling high pressure to be produced.

Depending on the amount of pressure generated by the pump and nozzle, pressure washers could be light duty, medium duty, or heavy duty. The pressure in the light duty pressure washers goes up to a maximum of hundred bar units. These could be used for cleaning smaller decks and patios. The medium duty pressure washers can go up to 110 bar units. Drains and grates could be cleaned using this kind of pressure washer. If your patio or deck is larger, then this kind of pressure washer is called for. But for cleaning of brick and stone surfaces on the exteriors of buildings, you would need a heavy duty pressure washer. The pressure in such pressure washers can go up to 130 bar units.

If you go by the source of power, then the pressure waters could be based on electric motors, petrol engines, and diesel engines. The electric motor pressure washer is the one that is most commonly used by masonry contractors doing pressure washing. Petrol and diesel washers are mostly used for smaller domestic uses. But if a contractor wishes to use these, especially in a closed area, he must keep in mind that both these types of pressure washers would produce fumes.

Depending on the size and layout of the building on which pressure washing is to be done, the right pressure washing equipment can be chosen.