VIOLATION REMOVAL NYCBrick Pointing NYC is a reliable company that offers satisfactory violation removal services in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens to its clients. We provide services for both residential and commercial structural issues with care. Our licensed team deals each project with patience. In fact, we commit to serve the best effort to resolve issues regarding violation removal NYC. Unlike other service providers, we offer servicing projects that fit the budget. To maintain our position we strive to serve supreme violation removal services to the customers in the town. 

Types of Violation Removal Services offered by Brick Pointing NYC

DOB ( Department of Buildings ) Violation Removal

DOB violation is a common issue nowadays. On the other hand, the term DOB stands for The Department of Buildings. We are a reputed DOB violation removal company in the NY and promise to serve adequate offerings to our clients. A DOB violation is a government notice that marks unsafe construction conditions. Our well-trained team members are well aware of this issue and can offer DOB violation removal with a professional attitude.

ECB ( Environmental Control Board ) Violation Removal

Environmental control board or ECB is a common issue that one can ever receive. It is basically a notice of violation that is applied by the Environmental Control Board. In other words, the ECB is a kind of court known as the administrative tribunal. We the team of Brick Pointing NYC commit to offering ECB violation removal services to our clients. There are different ways; you can reduce the fined amount. We advise you to contact our experts after you receive a violation notice.

DOT ( Department of Transportation ) Violation Removal

The term DOT violation stands for Department of transport. This department examines the sidewalks and sends a notice regarding necessary repairing to the owner of the property. Remember, after receiving a sidewalk violation notice you must conduct the repairing procedure within 45 days. However, do not worry as Brick Pointing NYC team is here. We promise to take the necessary actions to help you out. Our skilled members hold a license and know the ABC of DOT violation removal. However, if you receive such notice, feel free to contact us. This is to mention that we have earned this reputation due to hard work and honest services.

Why Choose us for DOT, ECB, DOB Violation Removal Services in NYC

We aim at offering the necessary requirements to help our clients. In today’s world, facing such issues is a common factor. Therefore, you should always be ready to fight the headache. We know how it feels when you get such notice from the government. Hence, we are here with different tricks so that you can manage the situation from getting worse. Mistakes can take place anytime, therefore, do not get afraid and store courage to face hassles. Remember, we are always with you. Moreover, we value our customers and try best to maintain a long-term relationship with them. All in all, if you want us to stand by you in difficulties regarding violation removal service NY, call us.