Advantage of Using Brick Pointing Contractors in Queens NY

I understand that the plaster that is applied on the inside and outside of a building is meant to protect the structure. But it does take away from the character of a brick surface in its blazing red color, perhaps lined in white color at the joint. If you too are someone who prefers the brickwork on your building surfaces instead of the staid plaster, then more power to you! But you need to also ensure the timely maintenance of the surface. This is done by a process called Brick Pointing NY, in which the old and deteriorating mortar is removed carefully and replaced by freshly prepared mortar.

The Advantages of Brick Pointing

If done on time and in the right manner, brick pointing Brooklyn NY has the following advantages:

1. Restores the waterproof nature of the walls which can be compromised if the mortar in the brick joints begins to disintegrate.

2. The look and appearance of your building are greatly enhanced by brick pointing Queens NY.

3. When the appearance of the building is improved, it gives you a great sense of well-being when you stay there. But in case you are planning to sell your property, a properly done job by a good brick pointing company NY can enhance the price you can demand.

4. It reduces the possibility of further ongoing maintenance expenses on the brickwork surface.

5. Most important, brick pointing can restore the structural integrity of the brickwork in your structure, enhancing the life of the building.

Things to Take Care Of While Doing Brick Pointing

When the building is very old, there could be several risks associated with a brick pointing exercise. The brick pointing contractors in Queens NY who take up these repair and restoration jobs should keep the following in mind:

  • For multistoried buildings, adequate protection must be provided to pedestrians from falling mortar when it is loosened and cleared from the joints.
  • There could be roots and creeping plants which have made the wall their home. Not only must they be removed but all roots must be examined and completely removed to ensure they do not grow back.
  • The agency that takes up your brick pointing job must have necessary licenses and certifications. Use the services of a well-known contractor like Brick Pointing NYC so that you can get the satisfaction of a job well done by a set of experts.