How to Keep Your Brickwork Looking Good As New

We are seeing lesser and lesser houses today with brick exteriors. The reason for this is that similar looking flats and highrises are becoming more popular. But a brickwork exterior of a house gives it a very charming and attractive look. Because standalone houses are becoming less and less common, the prevalence of brick exteriors is also reducing. But if you are able to take care of the maintenance well, then there is no sight prettier than a brickwork exterior. What do we mean by maintenance? Well, the brickwork exterior wall has to be kept clean of broken masonry chunks, dirt, grime, loose stone chips, paint flakes etc. This can be achieved by pressure washing NYC or by brick pointing Brooklyn NY.

Before starting the process, the masonry contractor Brooklyn would usually patch in all the damaged joints between two neighbouring bricks. This is done so that the brickwork can regain its waterproof quality. That is it important for the mortar to dry and set completely before any cleaning activity is initiated by the brick pointing company NY.

Once the patchwork is completely dry, the wall needs to be moistened completely. This is to be done so that the cleaning can be conveniently done by the use of detergents. The person spraying the water must start from the base of his wall and work his way up to the top. The same spray pipe can then be used for applying the washing medium, like detergent. Once the detergent has been sprayed, you must let it stay for a few years, and in the interim, you can also use a brush to remove tough stains.

The spray pipe can then be used to rinse away the soap water along with all the dirt and impurities. We told you earlier while wetting the brickwork, to spray water bottom up. While spraying water to rinse away detergent, use the top-down approach. After the soap and dirt have been rinsed away, you are ready to begin your brick pointing activities.

The purpose of pressure washing is to remove all the impurities from the brick surface and also the joints between bricks. If you find that some loose mortar has not been completely cleared away with the pressure washing, you can use a pointed trowel to take out the loose pieces. Once done, the vacant spaces in brick joints can be closed in with freshly prepared mortar.