Types of Designs Adopted By Brick Pointing Contractors in Queens NY

The exposed brickwork on the external walls of any building looks very good. But it also requires a lot of maintenance. If the brickwork becomes aged, then the dried mortar in the joints between bricks can begin to peel off, spoiling the looks and also reducing the structural strength. In order to restore the brickwork to its original shape and form, one of the most popular steps that are taken is brick pointing NY.

A brick pointing Bronx NY process is a process in which old inferior quality mortar is removed from the joints of bricks, and then freshly prepared mortar is used to replace it. The depth of the mortar is usually from 10 to 20 mm. There are different types of brick pointing Queens NY.

Flush:  After the joints are completely filled with the freshly prepared mortar, the excess mortar is cleaned off flush with the edges of both the bricks. The mortar’s final surface is aligned exactly with the surface of the bricks. This makes the joint completely impervious to ingress of further dust or moisture.

Struck: This is similar to flush pointing. What brick pointing contractors in Queens NY do in this type of brick pointing is that only one of the two edges of the mortar inside an edge is aligned to the brick. The other end (the upper end) is pressed into the inner surface of the joint. This gives an inclined surface to the mortar, and it looks quite aesthetic. Also, it helps in the smooth drainage of rainwater.

Recess: In this type of brick pointing, the brick pointing company NY presses back the semi-dried mortar further back. This creates an inset of up to 5 mm at each joint. Care must be taken that the mortar surface is kept perfectly vertical.

Grooved: This is a variant of recess pointing. The mortar is not pushed back completely. It is only pushed back in the central part, to give a u-shaped appearance. The top and bottom are aligned to the top and bottom bricks respectively.

Tuck: This is a slightly more evolved and complex way, and requires a skilled person to do it perfectly. First, the joint is filled with fresh mortar in the usual way. Before it dries and is still green, a groove is cut in it, and this groove is filled with white cement. Although not simple to do, this kind of brick pointing results in a very attractive look.