Brick Pointing: Very Essential For A Home

Brick pointing, also known as repointing, is a key part of the maintenance of your home but is a costly process due to the detailed work. The brick pointing Bronx NY process involves plenty of things such as using the latest tools and the correct mix of mortar for filling in the vertical and horizontal gaps in the walls. Apart from this, the process can be used on both old and new walls to make them stronger.

Different Types Of Mortars

The choice of the materials in the mortar is extremely vital. The best thing to use is lime mortar, but you can also opt for other kinds of cement. A professional builder likes to use the original combination and make the best job of it. You need to be aware of the effects of various mixes on the wall.

Must Know The Technique

In order to know the proportion of the materials, some people just get the mortar analyzed. Also, some check the sound a piece of the dry blend makes on the road. Keep in mind that if there is plenty of cement in it, then a high-pitched sound will be made. However, if there is lime mortar in it then maybe the sound will be like a quiet thud.

Also, removing the dry mortar is very hard and has to be done carefully. You can use an electric grinder to clear the joints fast while Brick pointing queens NY but it would take a lot of control and skill. There are some vital rules that must be followed while you are masonry restoration New York. For example- If the mortar has lost ¼ of the original depth, then it has to be carved out and reworked. Also, the joints should be cleaned to twice the depth for good work. Removing and cutting the original skin will enhance the decay of the walls.

Choose The Right Contractor

It is best to keep lime mortar damp for three days prior to work if you are doing the work using it. Also, use plastic sheets on the front if want to slow down the rate of evaporation. The wall should be made wet from time to time when the sheets have been detached so that the walls harden faster. But we recommend that leave it to brick pointing company NY or professionals who are well aware of the method and rules rather than doing it yourself. You can ask for a reference about masonry contractors queens NY from your friends, relatives, etc.