Difference Between Brick Pointing and Tuck Pointing?

Difference Between Brick Pointing and Tuck Pointing?

The process of brick wall fixing requires you to come across repointing and tuckpointing methods. Without knowing the actual applications of these practices you may get confused. Before you hire Brick Pointing and Tuck Pointing professionals to initiate the overall process, you should know the basic difference between repointing and tuckpointing.

Repointing & Tuckpointing 

Repointing is a process, in which experts replace the old mortar with new mortar. Similarly, tuckpointing also involves the replacement but the new mortar color must be the same as the bricks.

When you hire professionals, they appear with in-depth knowledge of the entire thing and specified features. The contractors in Brownstone efficiently embed a thin line of color at the new mortar joints.

How do They Serve? 

Repointing and tuckpointing both come with the same goal of replacing the old mortar with the new application. However, the mortar may become weak as time goes by. If you consider things from the masonry aspect, mortar plays a significant role in keeping the bricks solid and firm. It prevents moisture from seeping into the bricks for years. Please consult a renowned tuckpointing and repointing for more ideas.

Let’s Check Out The Basic Difference Between Repointing & Tuck Pointing 

When most of the people get confused between repointing and tuckpointing, there are fine differences which are often neglected.

  • The Contrasting Thin Line 

Repointing is a simple method or replacing the old mortar with no application of the contrasting thin line. tuckpointing brick experts offer tuckpointing services using two different colors of mortar. One will fill the centre of the joints, while the other will fill up the joints. This entire thing will create an illusion, that the mortar joints are perfectly straight.

  • The Purpose

Crumbled mortar or a texture of dust develops a substandard appeal. However, the recessed mortar joints don’t affect the structure directly, but prevention is always better. Repointing is necessary when your property structure is getting affected by the old mortar. Old mortar produces tiny holes that enable rainwater to seep into the walls. This practice causes further damage to your home due to dissolution and salt disposition. So hire experts for repointing and make sure the walls have no damaged mortar.

On the other hand, brick pointing is essential if you want to elevate the curb appeal of the home. The constructed colour lines hide the imperfections on the walls. Apart from that, tuckpointing improves the aesthetics of your home. tuck pointed brickwork utilize the tuckpointing method to imitate rubbed bricks masonry without spending much. Rubbed bricks come with fine fresh lines and are slightly oversized. The experts lay the rubbed bricks with white mortar to provide your home with a marvelous appeal.

  • Cost 

The basic materials involved in repointing and tuckpointing are affordable but you may have to spend more on the masonry and labour. The prices do not differ much but make sure you hire certified contractors in Brownstone.

Are you looking for tuckpointing services? Please feel free to reach out to any reliable contractors to provide you with tuckpointing and repointing services with a customer-centric approach.