Different Types Of Vinyl Siding Used By The Commercial Siding Contractors

Vinyl siding is one of the most famous types of siding among Commercial building contractors in Bronx, NY. According to data compiled by a census, almost 30% of the buildings consist of vinyl siding followed by fiber cement, brick, and stucco. This type of siding appears like genuine wood, with all the advantages that are absent with the actual material. Vinyl sidings are water-resistant, durable, and energy-efficient. With the flourishing in the siding industry, there are more varieties of material available in the market. In this write-up, we will present the different types of vinyl siding used by the Commercial siding contractor in NY in their projects.

Horizontal sidings

Horizontal sidings, also known as lap or clapboard siding, are generally interchangeable and are very popular among construction companies. Horizontal siding is a narrow long panel or board placed horizontally of the building. There are various styles of this siding, namely Dutch lap, beaded, and smooth.

Dutch Lap

Dutch Lap horizontal siding looks like a real wooden material. It includes decorative grooves and shadow lines at the top portion of every panel. This creates an illusion that every panel was hand-cut and offers an intricate detail.


This type of horizontal siding offers a distinctive shadow line with a rounded bead at even panel bottom. The style is almost similar to the Dutch lap.


Unlike beaded and Dutch Lap styles, there are no shadow lines on the smooth horizontal vinyl sidings. It appears like a smoothly sanded and freshly painted material.

Vertical Siding

Vertical siding is also known as batten, board, or barn siding. It runs in the vertical width of the building in an up and down pattern. It appears like wood does not need painting, pest resistant, moisture resistant, and requires low maintenance. They are also used in conjunction with other sidings like lap or shakes.


Shakes come in a rustic look and appeal of natural wood with no maintenance cost. They deliver exclusive beauty and charm to your home in an affordable range with weather-resistant benefits. The two varieties of shakes are staggered edge and straight. Straight edged shakes include a clear shadow line between every shingle, and the bottoms are straight. The staggered edged design contains jagged bottoms, giving an illusion that the shingles are individually hand-cut. They can be implemented both for a decorative border, accents, and entire house siding.

Final Thoughts

As the owner of the home, you cannot go wrong in your choices. The most challenging thing to do while decorating the vinyl sidings is to select the style and size of the shingles or panels. You can ask for the professional help of the leading commercial siding contractor in the Bronx to give your house exterior a welcoming and beautiful appearance. They also offer free on-site estimation and quotation for the entire project. So hurry up, contact an expert and begin the siding work today!