Guide to avoid building violations by the owners

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Codes and regulations regarding construction and buildings are extremely important to take care of all the citizens. You should consistently follow them and keep checking all the changes to avoid any violations. This will also restrict you to pay any unnecessary penalties and fines. These violations are generally inspected and maintained by the Department of Buildings (DOB). In this piece of writing, we are going to guide you about all the imperative steps you should take to avoid any DOB violations.

Definition of DOB Violation

When a property or a building does not meet the corresponding law, Department of Buildings that is, DOB issues a warning or a notice against the owners knocking them about the violations. The commissioner of the DOB will direct an order to correct the condition that is violating the law. You can also check from time to time on the website of the Department of Buildings to know if your building is clear from any violations or not.

DOB violation will also affect the reputation of the property or a building. Any such notice will restraint you to sell your property.

What are the different types of Department of Buildings Violations?

 Below are the major DOB violations that you should always keep in check in your property or building. 

  • DOB Violation for Façade
  • DOB Violation for Boiler
  • DOB Violation for fire safety
  • DOB Violation for the elevator

Other than the above violations, there are small things to look out for to avoid any other types of violations. You can know about them from your architect, engineer, or the construction unit in your corresponding district.

Tips to Avoid Violations of the DOB

You can always avoid certain violations of the DOB if they are not that serious. We are going to share some of the tips to avoid such violations and ending up paying penalties for them.

DOB Notice for Violation During the Repair process

If a notice is sent to you while you are repairing a portion of your building, then you can send for certification with the DOB and stay away from paying any penalty.

Emergency SOS Situation

You can also argue with the DOB against a notice served to you in case of any emergency and the condition is temporary. 

  • The Building is already sold 

You can null and void the violation if you have already sold the building before the notice was served to you. You just show the deed of sale to the DOB and the violation will be dismissed. 

  • Spelling your name Incorrectly 

You can dismiss the notice of violation if your name is not properly spelled in the warning. This can cause confusion, as you might not be sure if this violation is meant for you or not. 

  • Incorrect Date 

You can also overlook the notice if the date of the violation incident is written incorrectly at the top of the DOB order. 

  • Repair before Notice 

Last but not the least; you can avoid receiving any notice or penalties, just by mending the required portion before DOB puts their eye on them. 

These are some of the guidelines to shun from paying fines or penalties to the DOB for the violations. But it is always better to follow all the laws and make sure that your property or building obeys them.