HOW to do Window Lintel Replacements Or Repairs?

One of the most severe and widespread structural problems which might affect a house is the failure of the lintel. Above the maximum doors and windows, you could have a few forms of the lintel. Usually, this is steel, concrete lintels, or brick lintels. The first signs of the problem with the lintel are the cracks in masonry above the doors and windows. In this write-up, we will share the details about the window Lintel Replacement in Queens. Keep reading this article to know more about it.

Details of Lintel

While preparing the reference to the lintel, you have to take care of the structural support, which has been horizontally installed above the windows and doors for supporting the load above it. In terms of lintels, materials are prepared with bricks, concrete, metal, or timber for fitting the structural and aesthetic requirements of the building. The lintels of the window are very important for reinforcing the weaker points in the brickwork and masonry and help in supporting the wall near which the window is located.

Failure of Lintel

When you can find some damage in load-bearing lintels, then it will need quick repairing. If you can suspect the failure of the lintel, then you have to consult with a professional lentil repair or replacement contractor as soon as possible. Commonly this Lintel failure gets recognized when upgrading to the modern double-glazed window or at the time of window replacement.

Techniques of Repair

The traditional approach for Lintel repair is labor-intensive and time-consuming. There are various types’ lentil repair and replacement. The most prevalent techniques are reinforcements, deploying helical bars, and fixings. This can be installed very easily and quickly and obviously can be hidden with the help of masonry. By using this method, you can easily save time and avoid rebuilding, which is very practical for councils and landlords. Homeowners find this method far less disruptive and cost-effective. The window sill NYC holds the pieces in the slopes and places them upward to drain the water. The frame of that window usually rests against its support and strength. So you can call the team of window sill service NYC to learn more about it.

The main Process

Instead of an older labor-intensive lintel replacement that requires removing brickwork and masonry, fixings, reinforcement, and helical bars as described above, allow the support to be installed within an existing masonry. The first step of installing helical bars is to clean and chase the slot where the bars will get placed. Following that, a particular anchor group is applied before the installment of the helical bar. For the final touch, the helical wall ties are being vertically deployed above the brickwork window to improve the further structural integrity of this lintel.


A speedy repair and replacement of the lintel are always necessary to maintain the base of the windows. So hire a professional window sill contractor Flushing in Queens, NY, for a better result.