How to Look For The Best Masonry Contractor?

Are you looking for a qualified and best mason contractor for your home? If yes, then you should entrust a masonry contractor that should take care of your hard-earned money and the well being of the property. Below are some of the few important questions that should be asked before hiring the best masonry contractor for the masonry works.

Is The Company Insured or Bonded?

When an organization is insured or bonded, it means the company is financially able to cover up the expensive mishaps in the projects. A bond is the large amount of money that is controlled by the state to pay for any claims or filings against the masonry contracting company. Thus if a team member of the best masonry contracting company accidentally drops a slab of the concrete hood of a car, you will be paid out of those bonds to cover for the damage. Likewise, if the business is insured, the insurer of the owner will reimburse the client for the cost of a mishap. If masonry contractors in Queens, NY are not insured or bonded, then the burden of the bill might get stuck upon your shoulders.

Where are the References From Past Projects?

Most of the reliable masonry contractors can give you an example of their past works. You can also talk to the individuals and ask them their experience of working with the company. How much satisfied they are from the work completed and how would he/she rate them. Most of the clients will be happy and candid to help a fellow citizen.

Are They Fully Licensed?

If the masonry contractor in Brooklyn is licensed, this means their services have been certified by the local or state municipality to build the paved driveways, fireplaces, lay bricks, and many more. Mason contractors received a license only after necessary training and passing through all the regulations of the government. When you hire a licensed contractor, you will be ensuring secure and safe masonry works.

Do They Have a Rating From BBB?

The BBB (Better Business Bureau) was established to protect the consumers and individuals from the practices of inferior services. The organization assigns positive and negative ratings to the businesses according to the particular factor’s lists. Some of the factors include:

  • For how many years the business is in operation?
  • Does the business have the needed competency licenses?
  • The overall history of complaint of the business including severity and numbers
  • Are there any known government actions taken against the business?

The positive ratings begin from A+ which is the best to F which means failure. If the masonry contracting company includes accreditation of BBB, then check their rating thoroughly before moving forward. This rating will give you a clear understanding of how competent and trustworthy their overall business is.


We are sure the above questions will lead to the top Masonry contractor in New York like Brick Pointing NYC that will offer you affordable, honest, and perfect masonry work. Talk to your family, neighbors, and friends about past experiences with masonry contractors. Maybe they will suggest the best recommendation for you!