The Basics About Facade Repair And Maintenance

The Basics about Facade Repair and Maintenance

The facade or the external faces of a building plays a significant role in imposing the aesthetic value of the property. In other words, whenever we spot a nicely maintained and squeaky clean building from the outside, we receive a positive impression. Whether it is a residential or public building, an appealing exterior fetches appreciation and attention.

Imagine you are appearing for an interview and visiting the company office for the first time, how do you feel once you set foot on the campus? Nervous! But the building and its surrounding already creates a good impression if you find it neat, well-kept, and boasting of attention. So, you understand how important a building facade is!

However, over time, its shine and polish deteriorate due to persistent exposure to the elements of decay. Facade repair NYC becomes mandatory to preserve the external look of a building and also protect it from damage. Once a building is externally damaged, it progresses to the interior too. Thus it is wise to take proper restoration measures before things become serious!

Why is Facade Repair and Maintenance Necessary?

The facade is the most important part of a building that acts as a barrier against external weather conditions. When there is a waterproof coating on the outside of the building walls, it prevents the ingress of water to the interiors. A brick facade repair must be conducted because of the following reasons:

  • Like the human skin, the facade of the building is its ‘skin’. It acts as a protective layer against water infiltration. Peeling paint or corrosion of waterproof coating will lead to seepage.
  • When the seepage gets severe, it affects the structural integrity of the construction. The foundation loses its stability weakening the entire structure. It can lead to the wrecking down of the building over time.
  • Facade damage can implore risk to the neighbouring buildings and the passersby too. Loose concrete blocks or brick can fall off anytime risking the lives of others.
  • Lastly, the building facade contributes extensively to curb appeal. It generates a strong impression on the viewer’s consciousness indirectly affecting the property value.

Thereafter, facade repair is essentially important in every context.

Facade Repair and Maintenance

The structure and composition of a building vary. Concrete, brick, marble, and stone are the most commonly used building facade materials. So, the repair and maintenance largely depend on the type of material used. Nevertheless, some of the fundamental measures are typically implemented in every form of construction.

  • A thorough inspection is the primary stage of concrete facade repair. It analyses the exact type and extent of the damage. For example surface damages like cracks, warping, and water seepage.
  • Examine any kind of structural damage that can lead to water leaks, dampness, or fading sealants.
  • Investigate the roof including flashing, cracks, and other signs of damage.

Consequently, regular facade repair and maintenance is crucial for promoting stability and curb appeal of a building.