Top Question You Can Ask Your Brick Pointing Contractor

Brick Pointer is a significant professional who helps to protect any building from collapse as they repair the mortar joints within the foundations and build the walls. So, are the joints of your abode in bad shape? Has the mortar in the joints disappeared? Are some of the bricks getting loose? If so, then do not waste time to protect the walls and contact the experts of brick pointing contractors in queens ny to do the required task with ease.

Brick repointing is also necessary to avoid water penetration or premature degradation of the exterior that can even lead to disruption. But brick repointing will be durable if proper material will be given by the experts and applied with their professional hands. But remember that not all brick pointers have the same knowledge, experience, and skill. So, it is significant to do detailed research before appointing an expert. Ask some vital questions before hiring them. That is why we have written eight below valuable questions to ask.

Do you have any certification or license?

It is necessary to make sure your hired contractor is certified with the proper association. Besides, they should have held an appropriate license to do the project. Always ask this question to avoid any mishaps during the work.

  1. How experienced are you?

It is significant to look for a brick pointing contractor who has enough knowledge and experience with this job. Also, they should have a clear idea about the soil and climatic condition of the area as they have an enormous impact on the task.

  1. What materials will you value?

Different projects need various types of mortar and tools. That is why ask the contractor how they will perform the job and what materials they use. Also, make sure that they provide standard quality materials.

  1. How long will the work take to finish?

It is good to have a clear plan in place. So, always appoint a professional who will operate the project at hand on schedule than to hire a contractor who continuously changes their timetable.

  1. Do you provide a visit to an ongoing project?

Check if they offer you to see an ongoing project. If the contractor permits, then go there and look at the manner of their task.

  1. Do you appoint sub-contractors?

You need to ask whether they have their trained workers or hire subcontractors? Always go for a professionally trained employee as they give you the best option to perform the job.

  1. What is the payment schedule?

Enquire about the payment schedule and check if you can defer payment at the end of the project.

  1. Will you clean after completing the project?

Make sure that they clean the area after finishing the job.


So, brick repointing is vital if you want a long-lasting building. However, you should put some effort and ask some questions before hiring a contractor. Do not hurry and make the final decision after some digging.