Ways To Fix A Drywall Crack That Keeps Reappearing

How property will look beautiful creates an impression of its proprietor. But because of various phenomena, the appearance of the building might be fatigued and dull. One of the phenomena is cracks in the drywall.

Though these are easy to maintain, it keeps appearing time and again and creates trouble for you. You require some tools and materials to repair this on your own. But you have to follow some instructions to solve the issue. Besides, if you have not much time or have any apprehensions about this job, then you can get in touch with the renowned brick pointing contractor in NYC to do the project with their skilled professional.

Suppose you are ready to do this yourself. It is possible. But do you have the list of needed materials or tools for this job? Is the answer negative? then, below we have present a list of some of the required tools and materials:

  • Fiberglass Tape Patch Primer
  • Putty Knife
  • 6-inch Drywall Knife
  • Mud Pan or paint Bowl
  • Sanding Sponge or Sandpaper
  • Wall Paint

Now, you have some understanding of the necessary tools and materials for this task. So, are you planning to do this yourself? If yes, then to assist you with this, here is a brief guide on how to fix a drywall crack that keeps continuously coming back.

Collect the Materials

The first and foremost important thing is collecting all the required materials before starting the job. Check for the above tools and materials that may be already present in your abode, or buy these from the nearest hardware store.

Follow the Instructions

After organizing all the materials, follow the steps of various instructions needed for the job.

Step 1: Apply Fiberglass Tape

Many people add a joint compound to the crack of the drywall. But this compound cannot fight between the cracks and the wall, and as a result, the cracks keep coming back after a few years. That is why you need to apply the sticky side of the fiberglass tape on the center of the crack carefully. Besides, you can put multiple strips on the wall if the opening is enormous.

Step 2: Apply Layer of Patch Primer

Next, apply a thin layer of patch primer over the fiberglass tape to block the voids and adhere the tape more to the wall.

Step 3: Apply Second Layer of Primer

After that, put on a second coating of primer on it with the help of a 6-inch knife. Cover at least two inches wider to both sides of the crack.

Step 4: Sand the Primer

Then use sandpaper to polish the primer for proper blending of it.

Step 5: Paint the Wall

Finally, paint the repaired area with a couple of coats to make the wall turn out in its original self.


Now you are well-aware of the secret behind fixing a drywall crack. This project requires less time without any sweating. Just read the instructions carefully, collect all the tools, and solve this problem on your own.