What Would You Learn From A Top Masonry Contractor Brooklyn?

Nothing can stand the test of time, certainly not a man-made structure. You will, therefore, find old architectural buildings ruined before long, no matter how strong the materials had been. A resident owner would, therefore, have to consider reinforcing the mortar and cement joints of the home so that the wear and tear can be reversed effectively.

What is Brick Pointing NY?

As construction work progresses, it is essential to prepare a thick mortar paste that is applied meticulously to the gaps in between the bricks thus preventing the entry of moisture and air. This is a preventive method that will enable the building to withstand the elements of nature and remain standing for decades without requiring much maintenance or repairs. The finished part evident on the external surface is known as pointing.

Purpose of Brick Pointing Queens NY

While repointing the damaged mortar paste that has been worn off completely or in parts, weakening the joints can help in strengthening the brickwork of the structure, clever use of different colours can also enhance the appearance thereby adding to the valuation of the property.

Types of Repointing Done By Masonry Contractors Queens NY

The professionals are sure to take a look at the existing building structure and insect the extent of damages before deciding on a specific type of repointing. The types most prevalent today include the following: –

Flush- The finish of the mortar is off flush the end of the masonry units leaving no gap in between.
Recessed- The masonry is pushed off just a tiny bit so that there is a shadow like an appearance between two adjacent units.
Beaded- A rounded or concave style of pointing that happens to be pleasing to the eye. However, people repairing their mortar should avoid this kind of pointing as it will be prone to damage.
Tuck Pointing- This is a term that is often used interchangeably with repointing. However, tuck pointing is done with two alternating colours of mortar that adds to the aesthetic appearance greatly.

Reason To Hire The Best Brick Pointing Contractors In Queens NY

Information about pointing, masonry and repointing is not in short supply today with thousands of Internet resources providing the know-how. However, you should get the help of an experienced mason or a masonry contractor who will be able to help you out as and when needed.