5 Signs That Make Brick Pointing Essential

brick pointing Queens NYC

Constructing a beautiful house is not enough. You do have to be certain that it lasts for years without requiring major replacement or repairs as well. Checking the brick work is of paramount importance too as you need to ensure that the mortar and bricks come together in the proper way thereby holding the entire structure in a most pleasing manner. The top masonry contractors queens NY are adept in utilizing their expertise of brick pointing so that the concerned building ends up looking aesthetically pleasing and lasting safely for half a century or more without needing any kind of maintenance at all.

Tell-Tale Signs Indicating Brick Pointing Brooklyn NY

Sure, a restoration of masonry may not actually be imperative for well over 50 years unless a natural calamity befalls the building. However, you would be well advised not to remain complacent once you have employed the best masonry contractor Brooklyn for overlooking your project. It is advisable to be on your toes and on a look out for the signs that necessitate immediate restoration so that you can negate the possibilities of the structure crumbling or being destroyed causing untold miseries. Here are a few signs that you must be careful about noting. Do take a look…

  1. Weathered Mortar- The mortar that has begun to crumble with age after withstanding the natural elements of years is a clear-cut indication that you need to consider brick pointing NY. Talk to the masonry contractor and opt for weather pointing for eliminating accumulation of water in future.
  2. Flaky- Another sure shot sign that will send you running to find a good masonry contractor for brick pointing Bronx NY. You would be right to be alarmed on finding the surface of the concrete looking imperfect due to dislodgement of sections of the concrete.
  3. Cracks – Regular wear and tear is bound to cause tiny cracks in the mortar. Do not make the mistake of ignoring it, however. You would need to contact the best brick pointing company New York for repairing it ASAP.
  4. Color Mismatch- There are different reasons for a color mismatch though. However, it is always good to consider brick pointing Queens NYC so that any underlying defect can be taken care of. The discrepancy may have been caused by ineffective pointing done previously or use of stains that have not been chosen carefully.
  5. Missing Mortar- Finding parts of the mortar missing for the joints is definitely a call for re-pointing the bricks. Go ahead and hire an expert for taking care of the problem without further delay.