Common Parapet Damages and Their Fixes

Common Parapet Damages and Their Fixes

A flat roof is incomplete without a parapet wall. It is an elemental feature for any flat roof, proposing multiple functionalities. Nonetheless, you have installed the parapet wall on your flat roof primarily to promote safety and increase the utility of the space. From preventing the harsh impact of storms to hiding electrical equipment and unnecessary roofing materials, parapet walls are beneficial roof components.

However, parapets are vulnerable to various damage concerns, requiring the intervention of parapet wall contractors NYC. Being constantly under the threat of severe conditions, it is evident that these features are not ever-lasting. They will experience damage at multiple levels. So, parapet wall repair services are imperative to restore structural health and functionality.

If you are unaware of the common problems with parapet walls, this blog will provide insight into the matter. Let’s get on with it.

What are the Prevalent Problems of Parapet Walls?

The significance of parapet walls is not unknown to us. 

  • Protect the roof from strong winds and dust.
  • Promotes safety to building occupants and property.
  • Increases the utility of the space.
  • Boosts aesthetic appeal.
  • Hides electrical equipment and other roofing materials.

However, certain damages intervene in the purpose of parapet walls, leading to an unsafe living environment. In cities like the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Long Island, Brooklyn, and Richmond Hill, inspections by parapet wall contractors NYC are obligatory to determine the signs of damage for effective fixing.

So, what are the common parapet wall damages?

  • Cracking and Crumbling- The fluctuations in temperature are one of the primary causes of cracks and mortar deterioration in parapet walls. Persistent freeze-thaw cycles result in subsequent contraction and expansion of the masonry materials, respectively. As a result, often, you will notice cracks, loosened bricks, and crumbling mortar. It poses a critical threat to the structural integrity, demanding efficient parapet walls work.  
  • Water Seepage- Another significant cause of parapet wall failure is water ingress through cracks, crevices, and gaps. When the inner roof membrane is exposed to water, it causes bubbles, blisters, molds, mildew, and wood rot. It is a critical problem affecting the roof’s substrate, which ultimately leads to catastrophes. Also, improper drainage and debris accumulation in gutters and gutters leads to pooling, causing leaks.
  • Material Deterioration- Weathering and erosion due to ageing is a common phenomenon. Peeling or fading paint, surface deterioration, mortar disintegration, and chipping are predominant effects of wear and tear. It is inevitable, and you will need parapet wall contractors NYC to fix such problems.

Repairing Parapet Wall Damage

There are fixes to parapet damage, provided you take early action. Intensive impairment due to delay is often irreparable, leading to costly replacements. Check out the solutions to common parapet damages:

  • Damage due to excessive moisture requires comprehensive waterproofing solutions. In such cases, the decayed portion is removed to renew the waterproof membrane. It acts as a permanent solution to water damage and extends structural longevity.
  • Parapet wall restorations are often conducted by sealing the cracks and gaps with polyurethane injections if the damage is not too severe. It can last long enough with proper care and maintenance.
  • Keeping the gutters and downspouts free from debris eliminates the chances of standing water and leaks. 
  • Paint your parapet wall with weatherproof paint to restrict the harsh impact of UV rays and also prevent water ingress.
  • For stains and efflorescence, it is best to power wash the parapet wall to remove such unwanted elements.

Thus, parapet wall contractors NYC can fix any damage effortlessly through their skills and expertise, but you have to be expeditious.