How to do Window Lintel Repair?

How to do Window Lintel Repair

Maintaining and repairing the old houses are necessary for safety. As those age-old constructions generally feature glitches and badly require service, several housing associations take up the responsibility of keeping the old houses.

So, you will find multiple organizations that will take care of the window lintels repair Bronx. Also, damaged or failed lintel cannot support windows to stand erect. So, here in this article, we will share how you can repair the lintels.

Ways to Repair the Window and Door Lintels

Generally, old buildings feature various structural problems like cracked masonry, failed wall ties, and more. But, damaged lintel over windows can be the most dangerous among all those issues. That is why engineers and repair organizations try to reinstate such problems as soon as possible. Usually, such scenarios come to the forefront during window repair programs. Construction workers discover damaged beams while taking out or placing a new window in that structure. So, below we have shared all the steps of repairing the lintels.

  • First, you need to chase out and clean the slots.

While performing the window lintels repair, Bronx, you need a wall chaser. With the help of this tool, you need to cut a slot in the horizontal mortar bed. You can locate the mortar bed right above the lintel of the structure. This step is vital for carefully restoring several types of lintels.

If you are working on a brick lintel with a crown shape, you need to cut a specific horizontal mortar bed. You can find it right above the crown of the arch lintel. Now, cut approximately 500mm on each side of the opening. But the measurement can vary depending on the thickness of the wall. Now, you can remove the mortar to the necessary depth.

  • Grout injection

After drilling small pilot holes through the bottom bricks, you need to prepare the cementitious grout mixture. Now, cut the slots. Then inject the grout to the back of the opening with the help of a pointing gun. The step determines the stability and longevity of the new window lintels. So, do it carefully.

  • Insertion of the spiral bar

Now, you can insert the stainless steel coiling bar firmly into the grout. Push the bar only ⅔ of the total depth of the slot. Also, make sure that the spiral bar expands 500mm on each side of the window.

  • Placing the second bar

In this step, you need to inject a second bead of grout into the slot. Also, make sure it covers the first helical bar completely. Now, you can place the second coiling bar. After that, you need to inject another bead of grout until it is 10mm from the surface. You will have to repeat the procedures for the second level.

  • Final step

Complete the repairing process by filling the cracks and concealing the repaired sections. It will leave no trace of repair work.

End Thought

Our recommended steps are time-saving and easy-to-follow. But you need to make sure all the bars and grouts sit firmly during the whole process. Else, it can result in additional damages.