How to Replace the Damaged Bricks in the Brick Pointing Process?

How to Replace the Damaged Bricks in the Brick Pointing Process

Replacement of frost-damaged bricks is significant as it may be indicative of a problem. It is possible to fully replace the damaged and broken bricks. All you need to know is the cause of the damage and then follow some easy steps. We advise you to repair not more than ten bricks because they will need propping for replacement. For extensive cracking, it is wise to get the advice of a brick pointing company NYC

If the damaged portion is small, then repairing work is not a difficult task. Let us start with the steps of replacing the damaged bricks. 

  1. Identify the damaged area. Drill closely spaced holes around the edge of the damaged brick. It will be better to use a masonry bit and an electric drill with a hammer action. 
  2. Use a thin cold chisel and a club hammer to chip off the remaining mortar. To make the brick mortar free and clear, run the chisel along each side of the brick. 
  3. Lever the brick out in one piece. Sometimes levering out in a single segment is not possible. In such a case, break it using a bolster. Ensure that the pieces that you break do not drop down the cavity. 
  4. Once the first brick is out, removing adjacent bricks is an easy job. If, however, you are working on a thick wall, the bricks will get held by inner layers. So, you will have to again perform chipping and other processes in the above steps.

Repeat these four steps, and remove all the damaged bricks. Now, to add new bricks, follow the steps given below. 

  1. Make a heap of dry mortar on a board and then make a tiny depression in it. To this depression, slowly add some water from the center. Then to this moist mix, add dry mortar until you get a workable mortar mix. 
  2. Spread the mortar mix along the base of the hole in the wall. Use a bricklaying trowel to spread the mix-up to10mm thickness in the wall. 
  3. Apply a layer of mortar on the first brick and fit it into the wall. Repeat this process with all bricks, carefully putting them in positions. The thickness of the mortar on all bricks should be similar to its thickness in the hole. 
  4. Placing the last brick can be a bit tricky. The contractors for Brick pointing Bronx NY suggest using plenty of mortar in the gap so that the remaining brick sets in the position well. Do not drop any mortar in between the cavities. 
  5. Use the remaining mortar mix to fill in any enormous gaps and leave it to harden. 


You can replace the damaged bricks in these quick and easy steps. You are always open to contact brick-pointing contractors in Queens, NY, if the walls need quick attention. Buy bricks from a demolition yard so that the replaced bricks blend well with the old wall. In a few weeks, all the bricks will appear to be matching once again.