How You Can Extend Life of Constructed Structures

When it comes to smaller structures like a driveway or a portion of a sidewalk, it might be easy to carry out minor sidewalk repairs once in a while. But for larger structures like brownstones or other commercial/residential structures, very frequent repairs are not only time consuming, but also cost a lot. That is why it is a much better idea to take steps to extend the life of the constructed structure rather than repairing it frequently. Let us look at a few simple precautions.

Some steps can be taken at the construction stage itself. All good masonry contractors queens NY know the importance of curing while the structure is being constructed. This not only helps the structure to attain compressive strength faster and up to a higher level, but it also prevents the formation of construction cracks.

Any good masonry contractor Brooklyn will tell you that water is a big enemy of a concrete structure. Whether it seeps up through the soil and the building’s foundation or through the roof and walls, water seepage can play havoc with any structure. Moisture in concrete is a slow killer and shows its effect over several years. During construction the more water that seeps in through curing, the better. But after the structure has been built, the better the water resistant of the structure, the better. That is why it is important that during the construction of a building, pressure washing NYC is done without fail so that the life of the structure can be extended.

Brownstones and other buildings which are built with a slightly traditional façade run the risk of needing repairs as well, and that makes the situation riskier. The reason for this is that the classic look of such buildings might be disfigured during the repairs. That is why some preventive measures need to be taken. Let us take the example of buildings which have an external façade of brickwork. While this looks very nice, but the joints between successive bricks often get filled up with dirt, grime, broken mortar pieces, or even paint flakes. Over time, this not only discolours the façade but also reduces the structural consistency. For such structures, timely brick pointing NY is strongly recommended.

These are just a few examples of steps that can be taken to extend the life of constructed structures. These steps can reduce the hassle and cost of frequent repairs.