The Different Types of Masonry Walls Commonly Constructed

When building blocks are used for construction with the help of a binding material used as a matrix, it is called masonry. The individual units usually used are bricks, stones, marble slabs, granite blocks, concrete blocks etc. The binding matrix is usually made by mixing cement, limestone, sand, and water to create a vicious mortar. A good masonry contractor Brooklyn would be able to create good quality masonry structures.

One of the most important elements of masonry work is the masonry walls. The exterior of such walls have the brickwork showing, and the most common colour combination is red (for the bricks) and white (for the joints and borders). The buildings which have such exteriors have a very graceful and charming look. The perfect look they have might get a little frayed due to the passage of time. But there is nothing that a bit of brick pointing Bronx NY can’t solve. Let us take a look at three different types of masonry walls that are commonly seen.

The most common type of masonry walls is the load-bearing masonry walls. As their name suggests, these walls take in the load from the roof of the structure and transmit the load down to the foundation of the building. Usually, the construction is done by placing columns, beams, and slabs of solid concrete first for taking the load and then filling up the spaces with brickwork. But in most load-bearing masonry walls even the pillars are made of brick, as also the interior walls and exterior walls of the structure.

Some masonry walls have reinforcements of rebars placed through the grout filled core of the masonry structure. This gives the walls added structural strength. There is also a lesser probability of the mortar breaking and falling away, which means that brick pointing Queens NY wouldn’t be required very soon. This kind of masonry wall is known as reinforced masonry wall.

Usually, either bricks or stones are used in masonry walls. But there is a kind of masonry wall which uses two types of building units, like stones and bricks, for example. This kind of masonry wall is referred to as a composite masonry wall. The two types of building blocks are fixed to each other by the use of bonding elements. Each layer of the building block is called a wythe. These are more economical and need fewer maintenance measures like pressure washing NYC.