What are the Causes of Masonry Failure Leading to Repair and Restoration?

What are the Causes of Masonry Failure Leading to Repair and Restoration?

From residential units to commercial buildings, masonry structures are the most durable and energy-efficient construction forms. Apart from imparting superior strength and stability to tall and complex masonry buildings, they are also aesthetically appealing. In big cities of New York like the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and Westchester, you will discover most of the houses in your neighbourhood are made up of brick, stone, concrete, and cement.

Nonetheless, even your office building in all respects is an intricate work of a masonry contractor. Regardless of the strength and sustainability of masonry constructions, they do undergo damage caused by ageing, persistent exposure to extreme temperatures, water, pollution, and natural calamities. These factors lead to masonry failure, demanding repair and restoration by hands-on professionals.

The Primary Causes of Masonry Failure

When the yellow-painted walls of your house start to fade or shows up damp patches, you must not ignore the issue. There may be underlying damage concerns requiring a fix by brick masonry contractors. Such structural failures may range from varied internal or external factors.

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We have listed below some of the common causes of masonry failure which you should look out for:

  • Cracks- Every masonry construction is certain to run into cracks at some point in time. The continuous freeze-thaw cycles, improper mortar preparation, ground displacements, building settling, and natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, etc. are the major culprits. Cracks allow easy moisture penetration weakening the structural integrity.
  • Moisture Seepage- Though masonry materials are extremely sturdy, they are prone to water absorption. In other words, if you own a building that is not well protected against water damage, the walls and roof will easily allow moisture penetration into the inner layers. Alongside, fading of the bright yellow paint, you will notice damp patches possessing a threat to the building’s foundation. The masonry repair contractors can resolve this issue by installing waterproof membranes and coats.
  • Eroding Joints- Over time, the bond or adhesion between cement and bricks becomes loose, a cause of general wear and tear. It is an unavoidable phenomenon that may cause the crumbling down of a building in the long run.
  • Spalling- Another predominant masonry failure is spalling. In this event, the stone blocks and bricks start falling from a wall. Structural stress resulting from any of the above-mentioned factors can cause spalling. You must seek immediate assistance from masonry restoration contractors before encountering any catastrophic incident.
  • Tree Roots- The growth of unwanted shrubs and creepers along the walls and roof are a common sight. Even you may have often come across a tree that has its roots coming out from a wall! Such tree roots lead to open cracks.
  • Displacement- The movement of the ground or even the corrosion of reinforced steel results in structural displacement. In such a scenario, the building loses its stability affirming relative threats.

To conclude, hiring a licensed masonry contractor is your best bet if you want to eliminate the risks and enjoy a safe living environment. Identify and resolve the issues till you can!