Basement Waterproofing is a Professional’s Job and Not DIY- Know Why?

Basement Waterproofing is a Professional’s Job and Not DIY- Know Why

A damp basement is one of the most common issues for people residing in cities like the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Long Island, Brooklyn, and Richmond Hill. Roughly 98% of all basements in New York experience some extent of basement water damage. You may often require waterproofing services from professionals if you do not have adequate waterproofing in your basement.

Constituting the lowest segment of a building, the basement is highly susceptible to moisture damage due to hydrostatic pressure, lack of ventilation, cracks in walls and floors, improper drainage, sump pump malfunction, and inadequate or failure of waterproofing solutions. During building construction, you must consult waterproofing contractors to restrict basement water damage. Also, the basement forms the foundation of a building, which necessitates waterproofing for the preservation of strength and structural integrity.

Nevertheless, many property owners rely on DIY basement waterproofing instead of professional waterproofing services. Believe us, it causes more harm than good. Why? Well, this blog is all about why DIY basement waterproofing is a bad idea and you must avoid it. Let’s get to the discussion. 

Keeping Away from DIY Basement Waterproofing is Worth It!

To us, DIY home improvement projects may sound exciting, but it is restricted only to some areas. Basement waterproofing never falls on the list for the following reasons:

  • Threatening- You do not have safety gear nor do you know about the precautions that must be considered. Basement waterproofing involves using numerous tools and harsh chemicals that must not be manoeuvred without undertaking safety measures. Basement waterproofing companies understand the risk concerns and are well-equipped to face them.
  • Laborious- If you think basement waterproofing can be a one-man job, you are on the wrong track. It is a laborious task requiring a lot of hard work and patience. Also, the process can be more time-consuming if you think of executing the project single-handedly. The lack of experience and skills will surely slow down the work.
  • Nondurable- Can you assure the results will last as long as those provided by a basement waterproofing contractor? You cannot, right? You may only have a temporary fix, and the problem will resurface soon. The lack of knowledge, experience, and skills about various tools and products are the primary causes. You are not even aware of the exact fix or the ideal waterproofing procedure! It is obvious the results will not last too long.
  • Expensive- Even if you think of saving money by not hiring an expert, you will end up with more expenses! Not only do you have to buy the products and tools, there is a good chance of making costly mistakes. What’s the point when you have to seek waterproofing services to fix your costly mistakes?
  • No Warranty- Hiring a waterproofing specialist means you will receive a service warranty. If problems arise post-project delivery within the warranty period, your contractor will be responsible and will fix it without cost. However, you will miss the opportunity if you perform a DIY.  
  • Building Code Violation- Another critical problem you may encounter if you do not get professional waterproofing services is that your DIY efforts may not comply with the building safety codes. It may result in further water damage, causing havoc.
  • More Water Damage- A DIY waterproofing project often results in more water damage due to failure of sealants or improper sump pump installation. It can induce critical threats to the building’s structural stability. 

Thus, at any cost, avoid DIY basement waterproofing to ensure prolonged building longevity!