Brick Power Washing- Is It the Best Way to Clean Building Exterior?

Brick Power Washing

Brick buildings offer a classy look. The rustic appeal of the red brick structures is admired by many city dwellers in Bronx, Queen, Manhattan, and Westchester. Some property owners prefer to paint the brick walls in bright colors like yellow, blue, etc., while others love to keep it neutral. Alongside the aesthetic quotient, brick has excellent longevity when maintained properly.

Speaking of maintenance, it is not restricted to repainting the walls or undergoing timely repair work. Keeping your brick property clean by hiring a power washing contractor Queens is indispensable. It extends the service life and functionality and enhances the visual appeal. But; is power washing good for your brick building? Is it the best way to clean your property? We will explore the various aspects of power washing in detail.

What is Power Washing?

Power washing is often termed pressure washing. In both processes, blasts of water stream are applied on the surfaces. It creates tremendous kinetic energy, which breaks down the stubborn dust and grime, resulting in a squeaky clean surface. Power washing contractor’s service employs cold water, hot water, and steam from a pump that efficiently and safely removes contaminants from a building surface. The experts often use a cleaning agent to get rid of ugly stains. Generally, a power washer uses hot water or steam to effectively strip off tough greases, mildew patches, and salt accumulations (efflorescence). Power washing applies to brick, concrete, and tile.

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How to Power Wash Brick?

Power washing services in Queens are immensely beneficial to brick surfaces because:

  • Brick is a porous material that easily traps dirt, dust, and grime. These are difficult to remove manually.
  • Brick is prone to efflorescence- white chalky patches formed due to salt accumulation.
  • The growth of mildew, mold, and algae are common problems of brick surfaces. They gradually lead to decay and corrosion.
  • Power washing helps in extending the brick’s life and improves curb appeal.

Now that we know the benefits of pressure washing brick, let us find out how it is done.

  1. The most crucial point to consider before beginning the process is to choose the ideal power washer. The PSI (pound-force per square inch) of a power washer determines the potential of the same. According to the experts, 100 to 1500 PSI delivers the best results for brick surfaces. Anything higher than that can cause damage to your yellow-colored brick wall.
  2. If there are cracks, gaps, or holes on the surface, seal them with fresh mortar. It will restrict water seepage during the process which can lead to havoc problems. Let the mortar cure completely before power washing it.
  3. Load the power washer tank with a cleaning agent, safe for your brick wall. You can begin power washing, moving from bottom to top. Simultaneously, use a brush to scrub stubborn dirt and stains.

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Pressure washing cost in Queens depends on the projected site area and labor cost. But, no wonder, it is the most effective way to clean brick surfaces!