Causes and Fixes of Basement Moisture

Causes and Fixes of Basement Moisture

Basement waterproofing is a prerequisite for a stronger foundation. The basement, which commonly comprises the foundation, is an integral structure that promotes strength and stability to your building. But, living in cities like the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Long Island, Brooklyn, and Richmond Hill, a leaky or flooded basement is a common phenomenon. Thanks to the high level of precipitation!

Basements in most properties are infamously dark and damp corners. Unfortunately, the trapped moisture is precarious for your property’s structural health, and you must approach basement waterproofing companies as soon as you spot a wet spot. 

Apart from structural damage, it results in numerous health problems, leading to a toxic living environment. Basement moisture is caused due to several underlying reasons. Do not worry, every problem has a solution by a basement waterproofing specialist. So, in this blog, we have pointed out the common reasons for a moist and leaky basement. Additionally, we have put the appropriate fixes that will provide effective long-term remedies.

Here it goes!

Fundamental Causes of Basement Moisture

Understanding the source of water infiltration is essential to determine the ideal solution. Therefore, check out for these warning signs and seek basement waterproofing before it gets too late!

  • Dampness at the base of the concrete walls.
  • Stains or blisters on the wall.
  • Trickling water on the walls.
  • Pooling water on the floor.
  • Condensation on the floor and walls.
  • Musty smell.
  • Black mold on the walls.
  • Humid air.
  • Rotten wood, joists, columns, and headers.

All of the above signs indicate the presence of moisture in your basement.

Now, where does the moisture come from? Three primary factors are responsible for this, and only a professional basement waterproofing contractor can fix them. These include:

  1. Hydrostatic Pressure- The groundwater often rises during monsoons and winters, increasing the hydrostatic pressure. As a result, the groundwater seeps through the soil and finally reaches your basement floor. 
  2. Interior Moisture- Sometimes, dryers, humidifiers, showers, and cooking generates moisture. So, your basement moisture originally comes from within your basement!
  3. Improper Ventilation- Lack of ventilation traps the humid air within your basement, leading to condensation on the floor and walls. As an integral part of basement waterproofing, ventilation is a primary concern. 

Ways to Fix Damp Basement

First of all, avoid DIY basement waterproofing if you really want a long-lasting, cost-effective solution! Waterproofing the basement is a complicated task and must be left to the professionals only.

So, how to fix a damp basement?

  • Proper Grading- The ground around your house must slope away from the foundation to restrict rainwater pooling. Water accumulation leads to unavoidable seepage.
  • Check for Leaks- Leaks from interior pipes, washing machine, sink, dishwasher, bathroom, etc., can cause water puddles in the basement. So, fix such leaks immediately.
  • Foundation Cracks- The cracks and crevices in the foundation are ideal for groundwater seepage. If floor joists are not connected properly to the walls, cracks can form due to wall movement. Ask a licensed and reputed basement waterproofing contractor to repair such foundation cracks because it is a critical task demanding extensive expertise.
  • Clogged or Missing Downspouts and Gutters- If your gutters and downspouts are not functioning properly due to blockage or are missing, rainwater will flow towards your foundation, leading to infiltration. Always ensure they are in proper condition.
  • Non-Functional Sump Pump- The sump pump removes accumulated water from the sump pit. Ensure that it is functional and getting the job done perfectly.
  • Improve Ventilation- Install an exhaust fan and increase air circulation to prevent condensation.

So, in all respects, basement waterproofing is essential to keep moisture at bay and promote healthy living!