How Frequently Should You Maintain Your Building’s Masonry?

How Frequently Should You Maintain Your Building’s Masonry

To safeguard your building’s health, masonry upkeep is essential. By building’s health, we mean the structural integrity, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. But often, we do not recognize it until it is too late! And then begins the worry and the hurry to call a masonry contractor Brooklyn! We scramble through the Internet or knock at a neighbor’s door to find a reliable contractor to fix the problems instantly!

When you reside in cities like the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Long Island, Brooklyn, or Richmond Hill, your building’s masonry is bound to experience damage over time. So, if you ask how frequently you should seek masonry repair services, let us tell you some common issues that should be addressed as soon as you notice them. The more you delay, the more severe the consequence!

So, what are these masonry problems? Let’s discuss them in detail.

Masonry Problems Requiring Regular Maintenance

Hiring a masonry contractor Brooklyn becomes essential for the repair and maintenance of your building’s masonry when there are damages like:

  • Water Damage- Nothing can restrict the impact of water! Whether it is the brickwork or the stuccowork, water damage is prevalent in any masonry, occurring gradually over a period. Though your masonry material may be durable, it is not impervious. It means they are porous. Water can easily infiltrate them without proper waterproofing measures. 

Heavy rains or snowfall can cause havoc damage, including leaks, dampness, fading and peeling of paint, mildew, etc. It not only affects the exterior of your building but also poses a potential threat to the building’s internal structure. 

Ignoring such concerns can lead to catastrophe, leaving you with no time to call a masonry contractor Brooklyn! Therefore, address any water damage whenever you notice the first signs.

  • Brick and Mortar Damage- Like all other masonry materials, brick and mortar are highly susceptible to damage. Deteriorated brick surfaces, loosening or crumbling mortar joints, loose bricks, missing bricks, etc., are common signs of damage. These occur due to weathering, erosion, ageing, temperature fluctuations, and moisture penetration.

However, masonry wall contractors can fix them through brickpointing and tuckpointing, which restores the look and functionality of the structure. You can have a safer living environment with enhanced aesthetic value.

  • Surface Build-Ups- Have you ever noticed white, chalky deposition on the brick surface? It is called efflorescence. When moisture evaporates, it leaves behind soluble salt deposits on the surface. These cause surface deterioration due to corrosion when left untreated. 

Hire a masonry contractor in New York to remove such surface build-ups and safeguard your building’s structural health. Also, do not forget about dust, grime, and mildew, which can be threatening as well.

  • Organic Growth- Mosses, algae, and other organic growth are prevalent in masonry structures. The moisture retention capacity in brick, stucco, stone blocks, and wood is high. Hence, such organic growths are unavoidable.

Apart from being unsightly, they affect the internal integrity of the building, too. The roots can create cracks, permitting water seepage. It even loosens the mortar joint, making the structure weak and unstable.

The sooner you seek assistance from brick masonry contractors, the better it is. Delay only aggravates the problem, causing irrevocable damage. 


Masonry can last for years with proper upkeep. Timely addressing of problems is necessary to constrain the severity of damage. Always contact a reliable and reputed masonry contractor Brooklyn as soon as you spot any problem. Remember, maintenance is the key to preservation.