Why Do You Need Brick Pointing?

Why Do You Need Brick Pointing

Every masonry construction is susceptible to gradual deterioration, whether brick, concrete, or stone. Ageing alongside the weather elements is responsible for natural wear and tear. You will notice cracked bricks or loosening of the mortar joints over time, indicating the need for brick pointing Queens NY.

As a part of building repair and maintenance, brick pointing is one of the most popular techniques to help restore its condition. When most of the constructions in Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and Westchester are exquisite creations of highly-skilled mason men, you cannot escape brick pointing if you are considering repairing the marvellous yellow brickwork!

Understanding Brick Pointing

‘Pointing’ is the process of repairing mortar joints in various masonry materials. Mortar is the bonding agent used to fill in the gaps between bricks, concrete blocks, and stones. So, it is the binder that helps in the construction of a masonry structure.

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However, over time, the natural process of ageing causes cracks in the mortar joints, leading to progressive disintegration. In the long run, it is one of the pivotal causes of building collapse. Hence, brick pointing Brooklyn is necessary to fix the defective joints and provide a smooth surface finish. Either an entire wall or only the flawed areas are pointed as a primary repair mode.

The Preconditions of Brick Pointing

Even though brick pointing may seem an uncomplicated task, you will always require professional brick pointing contractors Queens to remove the old crumbly mortar and apply a fresh one. The ideal proportions of cement, sand, and water in the mortar will offer you durable results with increased efficiency.

So, why do you need brick pointing after all?

  • The longevity of a building depends on its structural integrity. What affects structural integrity? Persistent exposure to various physical and chemical elements causes erosion leading to surface deterioration. It loosens the mortar joints, allowing the seepage of water, giving rise to damp issues. The strength and stability of the building compromise, possessing the potential threat of structural failure. Thus, brick pointing is of utmost necessity for building restoration.
  • No matter what is the cost for brick pointing, there is no doubt it redefines the aesthetic appeal of a property. It restores the original beauty of the structure, glorifying the once-painted yellow wall! Visual appeal is a significant aspect for every property owner.
  • When you opt for brick pointing once in a while, you can stay clear of elaborate repair works, demanding substantial expenses. When the damaged brick mortar is left unattended for a long duration, it extends and intensifies leading to large-scale repair solutions.

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  • Lastly, hiring brick pointing companies Queens can prove profitable to you! A thorough brick pointing job increases the value of your property. If you are willing to sell or rent out your property, you can always consider giving it a significant facelift with a spectacular brick pointing job!

Therefore, whatever the motive of your brick pointing project, it is always beneficial in every way!