Can I Pressure Wash My Driveway Without Professional Help?

Can I Pressure Wash My Driveway Without Professional Help

Removing dirt and grime from your dull and smeared driveway by pressure washing NYC sounds exhilarating. It is dramatic to see your driveway regaining its lustrous new look as the jet of water thoroughly removes the dirt layer in one go! Most of us would love to do the job ourselves! But do you know pressure washing is not as simple as it may seem? It requires specialized skills and techniques to ensure effective cleaning without causing damage.

Brick power washing is considered a part of the building maintenance process that improves aesthetics and increases safety. A dirty driveway is often slippery during rain and snow due to the presence of moss and molds. It leads to trip hazards and potential injuries. Also, you will have to frequently clean your vehicle due to the dust and soot on the driveway.

Therefore, pressure washing services are necessary to retain the curb appeal and safe functionality of the driveway. But a lot may go wrong if you do not seek professional help for pressure washing! If you ask us why, we have laid down all the answers! Keep reading.

You Cannot Pressure Wash Your Driveway Without an Expert: Know Why?

The answer is obviously ‘no’ if you think of pressure washing NYC on your own! If you reside in cities like the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Long Island, Brooklyn, and Richmond Hill, your driveway is sure to lose its lustre and sheen over a period. Nothing can escape dust, pollution, dirt, grime, and organic growth due to moisture exposure. The result is you have an untidy, dull, and unsafe driveway.

Thankfully, power washing in NYC can restore the lost glory of your driveway, but only with an expert at work! Here are the reasons behind such an assertion:

  1. There are various types of pressure washers in the market. Some may cost just a few dollars, while others cost up to $1000. If you think of saving money and end up buying a cheaper one, it will not serve the purpose. The heavy-duty ones are powerful and efficient but require precise implementation. You must know how to use the device effortlessly to achieve the best results.
  2. Lack of knowledge and skills is a major hindrance when pressure washing NYC. Your pressure washer must be set to the ideal speed and distance so that there is no surface damage. The speed or power and the distance vary according to the surface. It is always different for a concrete, brick, and tile driveway. If you are unable to control the water thrust, you may end up damaging your property and causing accidents. 
  3. You require gearing up properly before using a pressure washer. Gloves, goggles, boots and suit- you must wear protective gear to prevent accidents and injuries. 
  4. When you are aware of the diverse techniques like power washing vs pressure washing, a job of only a few hours may take an entire day. You have nobody to blame but yourself! Ignorance of operating the machine, implementation of the right techniques, and the lack of experience to stand and work in the sun consume much of your time and energy. 
  5. Lastly, bad pressure washing can lead to insect infestations. If there are cracks in your driveway and cannot spot pest nests, your pressure washer may not be able to remove them. So, instead of cleaning the driveway, you will probably aggravate pest infestation.

So, how do you think DIY pressure washing NYC will work for you? Hope these reasons are enough to wake you up!